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Soft Rolled Leather Dog Collar In Blue

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This exclusive collar is hand-made using traditional methods, and with top-quality, selected nappa leather.

The rolled leather dog collars are particularly stylish, comfortable to use and the internal nylon

rope provides strength and durability throughout.

Matching round leather leads are also available.



  • Nappa leather
  • Hand rolled leather
  • Nickel fittings


To find the right size, please measure your dog's existing collar, lie it flat and measure from the top of the collar (without buckle) to the hole currently used. Measuring around the dog's neck will not always give an accurate result.


SizeLengthWidthHole Spacing
X-Small 35cm 0.6cm 29-32cm
Small 40cm 0.6cm 35-38cm
Medium 45cm 0.8cm 38-43cm
Large 50cm 0.8cm 43-47cm
X-Large 55cm 1.0cm 47-52cm
XX-Large 60cm 1.0cm 52-57cm


Made by Zooleszcz

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