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Our Brands

Our range includes products from British and European manufacturers only – we don’t source from further afield – and we have a good and trusting relationship with our manufacturers. All our chosen suppliers source ethically and are very “green” in their processes, recycling responsibly wherever possible. Among the brands we stock are Bowl and Bone Republic, Dingo and ZOOleszcz, and we are constantly adding to our offering. All have been in business for many years and put quality at a premium, which reflects the ethos that we at Royal Dogs work to.



"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
J. Billings

The Bowl & Bone Republic brand was created out of true love and passion for pups. We put all of our hearts into everything we do, tending to every detail with remorseless precision. We create products that are elegant and stylish, satisfying the tastes of the most demanding clients. We are constantly striving to create solutions to make your pets' lives easier. Bowl & Bone Republic is an entirely European brand, which over the years has created a unique style that enjoys a superb reputation. All of our accessories are designed by the owner, in collaboration with outstanding experts using only the best materials. Our philosophy is simple – every pup deserves a healthy, comfortable, and happy life, and every dog owner deserves the opportunity to provide them with the very best. We want to share that joy with you every day.




We are a family business, our tradition dating back to 1977. Our qualified, professional employees are a team ready to manage any task. The company’s strategy involves development of the Dingo brand, working alongside our business partners.
Dingo has its own accessory production facility featuring state-of–the-art technology, which guarantees innovation in our product design and production.

“Quality without compromise” is the motto of our business. The satisfaction of our customers and their pets is a priority.

As part of the work we do, we always consider the natural environment and we have the prestigious Nature Environmental Care Certificate granted by Polish Recycling Systems. We were also granted Supported Employment Enterprise status for our work in creating conditions ideal for workers with disabilities.





ZOOLESZCZ is a family with over 100 years of tradition. Over the century we have specialised in the production of accessories for animals. The first products introduced at the beginning of past century were harnesses and bridles for horses. In the course of time and with the technological progress the demands of our clients were changing thus, in the 1960s we enriched our palette of products in pet articles. We were one of the first companies to introduce mass production and sale of leashes and collars for dogs as well as for other related articles.

ZOOLESZCZ is a company which co-operates with regular partners from across the world, in Europe, The Americas, the Middle East, Africa and of course, the UK.